Dryer cleaning safety services for Lakeway, Texas & surrounding areas.

Lakeway dryer vent cleaning is a must! Dryer vent cleaning is the single most overlooked home maintenance item here in our community. As a firefighter with many years of experience with residential and commercial fires, identifying the origin or cause of fires and public education on fire prevention, dryer fires were a real concern in the Lakeway area. Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. established itself as the leading experts in the Lakeway area, and has been the contracted dryer vent cleaning company for local fire stations within the Lakeway community. Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. is a local and professionally operated dryer vent cleaning business here is Lakeway, Texas.

Sean Prian with Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Problem

The problem with dryers overheating or malfunctioning is due to poor dryer venting. 90% of dryer issues are directly associated with the dryer vent system. When a dryer cannot properly vent its dryer exhaust, the heat will buildup inside the dryer box and cause the dryer appliance to trigger a safety mechanism. This can either be an internal fuse (or switch) that will disable the heating element, or on a newer dryer it will trigger an error code (D80, D90 code) indicating the dryer vent system is 80-90% obstructed. These safety mechanisms are not fail proof and can still result in a dryer fire when dryer vent cleaning is overlooked. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Lakeway

Most houses in Lakeway Texas, regardless of the age of the home, are constructed with dryer vent systems that run vertical. That means the dryers need to fight gravity in order to push the lint out of the dryer vent and away from the structure. When a dryer vent has not been constructed or cleaned properly, the problems are most likely to persist. A dryer fire does not start inside the dryer vent. They start inside the dryer. This is a direct result of an obstructed dryer vent. When the dryer vent is clogged, dryer lint will buildup inside the dryer appliance, next to the heating element. This heating element is the source of ignition that usually will cause the dryer to catch fire. Dryer fires are typically confined to the dryer itself, however the smoke damage can be immense.

Cost Savings

Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. is the best dryer vent cleaning service in Lakeway, Texas. We say this because we carry years of experience in dryer fires, we understand every home is constructed differently, and we cover every aspect of dryer vent safety as part of our service. Our approach will cover dryer vent cleaning, dryer safety and accessing the vent exit, even when it means accessing your roof or crawling through your attic. Our dryer vent cleaning and safety inspection is a flat fee that will insure dryer safety and optimal performance. We leave no stone unturned to make sure your dryer vent will properly ventilate as is was intended per the manufacture and building code standards. Our service is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Easy online scheduling available through our website.