Dryer vent cleaning services in Bee Cave, TX

Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. has been serving Bee Cave, Texas since 2018. We are your dryer vent cleaning professionals. Our approach has always been to be the best, and that is why we only specialize in dryer vent cleaning. Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. was developed by a professional firefighter with years of experience in home safety and dryer hazards. As a leading expert in dryer vent cleaning for the Bee Cave area, we have even been honored to be the contracted company for the local Bee Cave fire stations. We have been their respective dryer vent cleaning service to ensure each of their dryer vent systems are operating according to standards. This is especially important because, like many homes built in Bee Cave, Texas, every dryer vent was constructed differently and requires various approaches to dryer vent cleaning. Our dryer vent cleaning service specialists are trained to cover every aspect of your dryer vent cleaning including opening the dryer to ensure the dryer appliance is free from excessive lint buildup that can be hazardous and affect dryer performance.

Sean Prian with Lake Travis Dryer Vent Cleaning

Roof Vents

75% of the dryer vents in Bee Cave Texas have dryer vent systems that can have long vertical vent runs that can exit on the roof. Accessing the roof vent is all part of your service. Our crews are specially trained to handle how to safely ladder and navigate your roof and access the important components to ensure your dryer vent cleaning service is complete and the job is done right. 

Sidewall Vents

Some houses in Bee Cave, Texas have dryer vent systems that exit the side of the home. Knowing this fact about the Bee Cave area, we use special equipment to access all points of your vent system. Often birds and rodents will try to build nests inside these sidewall dryer vents, causing major obstructions. When you hire us to perform a dryer vent cleaning, we will identify these hazards, safely remove them from your home, and offer solutions to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

Below Grade Dryer Vents

Occasionally, we find a home that is built with the dryer vent running below the foundation of the home. This is another issue that can cause moisture from rain or sprinklers, mud, and even rodents to crawl into the dryer vent. We will identify the problem, clear out any dryer vent obstructions, and help with offering solutions to make your home a safer place. Dryer vent cleaning is a specialty in itself, and we are experienced to handle your concerns. We look forward to earning your business, so book your online appointment today!